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Cosmetic recontouring is a very simple cosmetic dental procedure that is completed in one visit without the need for anaesthetic.

It will produce an immediate visible change to your smile in the least invasive way possible.

What is Cosmetic Recontouring?

Cosmetic recontouring involves the alteration of the outer enamel surface only. Cracks and chips can be smoothed over and minor length adjustments can be made to result in your teeth appearing more symmetrical.

Enamel can even be recontoured to correct minor tooth overlapping.

How is Cosmetic Recontouring performed?

Before any reshaping is done, we create a guide for your recontouring by marking your teeth where adjustments are proposed.

Once the cosmetic recontouring is mapped out, carefully reshape the surface enamel to the plan.

The enamel surface is not sensitive and anaesthesia is never required for the adjustments.

Who is a good candidate for Cosmetic Recontouring?

Cosmetic recontouring is a great option when correcting minor flaws in a smile.

Enamel recontouring can:

  • Make teeth more symmetrical by adjusting them to be more rounded or more squared
  • Correct minor tooth overlapping and alignment concerns
  • Smooth over minor chips or cracks on the edges of the teeth

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