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The functionality, look and feel of a denture doesn’t have to be compromised when manufactured with expert knowledge as a Premium Appliance.

Premium Appliances are created with ideal aesthetics in mind, combined with your own personal take on how you would like your teeth to appear. A good set of false teeth can be made to look as good as the real thing.

Smile design is no longer left to chance. At Melbourne Dentist a range of digital technologies are combined with sound design principles to create stunning outcomes.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is the modern take on the art of smile transformation. Blending art and science, high-resolution digital images are used to map your ideal smile based on facial landmarks and your chosen teeth shape, shade and form.

This then enables you to visualise and effectively ‘test-drive’ an individually tailored cosmetic dental ‘mock-up’, before committing to treatment.

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Dentures come in a wide array of designs. They range from ‘traditional’ removable full dentures to ‘partial’ dentures that clip onto your teeth. Some dentures are attached permanently to underlying implants.

Types of dentures made as premium appliances include…

Full dentures

Removable full dentures can be produced in the traditional fashion, or they can be made to work with a small number of implants resulting in a decrease of their size and a vast improvement in their stability.

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Acrylic partial dentures

Most of the acrylic partial dentures we make these days are transitional appliances – they are used for a short period of healing before a more permanent implant supported or cobalt chrome based solution can be placed.

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Cobalt chrome based partial dentures

Modern chrome based dentures can be surprisingly thin, accurately fitting and light weight. At Melbourne Dentist we use the premium brand ‘Vitallium’ as the ‘skeleton’ of the denture.

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Flexible dentures

‘Valplast’ partial dentures are extremely tough, light, flexible and resistant to fracture.

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Implant supported dentures

With multiple implants involved a plate or denture doesn’t have to be a compromised method of treatment, but can now be fixed in place and designed to bring you the same comfort and style that you would expect of natural structure.

A minimal number of implants can be placed in the upper or lower jaw to support an entire full denture They can provide an amazing improvement in stability and function.

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Immediate dentures

‘Immediate’ dentures can be made ahead of time and, as their name implies, they are placed immediately after the teeth are removed. Such appliances even promote better healing.

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