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What causes discoloured teeth?

It’s the cause of the discolouration that informs the solution. Most people when asked to list causes of discolouration immediately think of teeth stainers such as coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco. However, the causes are far wider and more varied than this.

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How do we get rid of discoloured teeth?

Thorough teeth cleaning

It’s surprising how surface stains can cause teeth to considerably darken over time.
Many of our patients are surprised just how much of this stain can be removed with a thorough cleaning of their teeth by one of our hygienists.
It’s the simplest place to start and will almost certainly help with the appearance of your gums as well.

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Replace discoloured restorations.

Old faulty stained fillings, particularly those with surrounding decay, can impart profound discolouration to the tooth as a whole. Simple replacement of the restoration with newer appropriate coloured resin can make all the difference.

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Teeth whitening.

To predictably give our patients the smile they desire, we have developed two simple and safe protocols. A few extra steps with newly developed materials have made all the difference.

A single dark tooth can develop after trauma or Root Canal Treatment. The “Walking Bleach” procedure can reliably lighten even the darkest tooth.

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Porcelain and Composite veneers.

Sometimes its not possible to adequately whiten teeth with bleaching procedures. This is particularly the case if the teeth are worn, crooked or gappy. A shell of porcelain or resin over the surface of these teeth can readily mask underlying blemishes and imperfections.

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Porcelain crowns.

A crown is generally chosen when the underlying discolouration is a little darker than can be managed with either whitening procedures or veneers. They are also more valuable when limited sound tooth structure remains. Ultra tough porcelain is made to circumscribe the remaining structure, returning strength and beauty to the tooth.

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Micro abrasion.

White or brown discolouration may effect the very outer surface of single or multiple front teeth. This may be related to excessive fluoride ingested during the tooths formation or from surface decay that arrests – for example brown stains left after the removal of braces.
Such “mottling” can be removed with the technique of micro abrasion, where a mils acid is combined with an abrasive and used to polish the stain off.

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