Would you like to keep your remaining teeth in place and trouble free for the rest of your life?

There are so many factors that can put your teeth at risk. We’re here to find out what your personal risk factors are. We can then suggest a plan to help you to reduce these risks. The result…you get confidence and peace of mind from dentistry that LASTS!

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Are you looking for an experienced and gentle dentist in Melbourne? Are you nervous or worried about your teeth but don’t know where to begin?
We can help.

Prevention of disease is our primary focus.

And with this preventive mindset, we take the time to find out exactly how we can fit your dental wants and needs into your life.

The three major barriers to moving forwards with treatment are fear, time and money. We work hard to find ways around all of these issues.

From a personal perspective I really enjoy helping people with complex dental needs. I love putting together many pieces of a complex puzzle to develop a plan to help return you to perfect health, and to keep you there for years to come.

We consider ourselves to be one of the leading dental practices in Melbourne due to our level of expertise and competency in the dental process and in the service surrounding it.


Dr. Treherne has over 30 years of clinical experience and is supported by two hygienists, both of whom have over 20 years  of experience themselves. Never one to stop learning, Dr. Treherne continuously attends post-graduate educational programmes. The ideas he returns with are integrated into the practice with conscientious forethought.

When a complex case demands, we team up  with dental specialists – mature, independent professionals who we have chosen because they are leaders in their  field. Recently, it has become more commonplace to find all-in-one dentists whose claim to experience is that they can complete all specialist work for you on-site. While this  can seem convenient, it very often can  restrict treatment options and lead to a spread of knowledge over several areas being far thinner than for those who  specialise in one area alone. In a time of increasing corporate control  in dentistry, we remain an independent, patient-centred practice. This allows us  to draw on the latest ideas to provide the utmost standard of care to you without items and services dictated by others.


From state-of-the-art materials to the  latest technology – from the most up-to-date procedures to the most stringent  patient protection – at Melbourne Dentist,  our goal is delivering the highest quality  dental care available.

Our foremost priority remains each patient’s individual needs, balanced alongside your health and comfort. Working closely with a wide range of quality dental  specialists and a premium Australian laboratory ensures that our patients receive the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

Natural looking, long lasting results lead to less frustration with pain and reduced long term costs. Dentistry done well will require fewer replacements over a lifetime. Cheap work that fails quickly will incur further costs into the future – monetary, health and time costs. Every restoration that is replaced becomes bigger and causes further tooth structure loss. Weakened fragile teeth and nerve damage are common end results of multiple re-dos – these are even more difficult and costly to complete.


Personalising our service to you is a very important part of getting to know you as a patient. With your input, the staff at  Melbourne Dentist will design the perfect  plan for your oral health. This philosophy implies a partnership that is based on listening intently to determine your wants and needs.

Some people wish to be pain free, some are looking for a great smile, while others just want to be able to function well. Time pressures can also be a concern. Busy life schedules can make attending difficult. Treatment may need to be carried out before an upcoming important life event. For others, treatment may need to be stretched out to fit in with a budget. It’s important to us to that we find these things out about you.

After helping you understand more about your oral health and any underlying contributors to ill health, we can more meaningfully discuss the options  available to correct any issues. Thereafter we can implement a treatment plan that you are comfortable with. It should fully address your needs and concerns in a time frame and at a cost that you are comfortable with.


At Melbourne Dentist, we aim to allay your fears and reduce any discomfort. You will appreciate our special stress reduction techniques and our ability to work with fearful patients. We strive to maintain an informal and casual atmosphere, though you can be sure that we take our profession seriously – this is done purposely to promote relaxation.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available on request, as are stereo headphones that  are linked to a screen positioned above you  during treatment. Watch one of the many DVD’s available to distract your attention, or listen to your favourite CD via Spotify to drown out treatment sounds. Whichever you way like to relax, Melbourne Dentist has your comfort in mind.


This program is the most valuable service we offer. Our dental hygienists Stephanie and Rosalynd will assess and consistently monitor your mouth for any signs of gum disease. Your teeth will be cleaned more thoroughly than they have ever been cleaned before.

You will also learn about the causes of dental disease and receive instruction in the skills required to control these causes. This strong emphasis on prevention and education will ensure you have health gums and teeth for life. Wouldn’t it be great to simply have routine cleaning and maintenance for the rest of your life?


We take our patients safety very seriously. Very strict infection control guidelines are followed.

All equipment used are stored sterile before use and all surfaces and materials that are handled have protective barriers placed over them. All water used through the dental systems is highly filtered within our practice before use. The digital x-rays we use subjects patients to 90% less radiation than traditional non-digital systems.

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